Art and Muppets and Organization, OH MY!

I know I’m having a certain kind of day when I yell at someone “Bitch! Read my blog!” Luckily for me, the bitch I was yelling at is a good friend and responded with a cascade of giggles rather than an angry glare. Having told that story, I think you’ll understand if I take a blogging time-out and show you some art and artists that make me feel. Whether it’s wonder or nostalgia, I’d recommend you take a time out with me. Here are five links I found inspiring.

Lego Microscope

It is one of my closely held beliefs that art can overlap both science and play. I was raised to believe that unless it was drawing, painting, or hanging in a museum then it was craft. Craft is a dirty word in my mind. It is reminiscent of crochet pot holders and chotskies made with hot glue. It wasn’t until late in my life that I discovered the beauty and wonder of art made from UVC pipe, things found in trash barrels, or paper. You can imagine my immense joy at finding beautiful and useful things made from Legos. I would personally love an art kit Lego set coming in an array of gentle colors and the gray spectrum. I thought this story was particularly fun because I can visualize a bunch of scientists really geeking out while designing and building it. Oh, to be a  fly on the wall.

Shel Silverstein

There have been a few geniuses to touch the lives of both myself and Mini-Me. Because of the age gap, it’s unlikely that we’re going to both love Salvador Dali or Buddha. But even as the tiniest children, we both loved to be read to. I started reading to Mini-me the same day I found out I was pregnant. I would read my growing tummy three books a night and would talk to him about them. I hope that my dedication to early reading will grow with him. Although we both love Dr. Seuss, Mini-me has a deep love affair with Shel Silverstein. Who could not love Where the Sidewalk Ends or Falling Up. But my little man has always loved The Missing Piece and The Missing Piece Meets the Big O. I take some credit for that as I love to use the rhythm and nuance of his words to create an adventure in his bedroom. And everyone in this family relates to not fitting in anywhere and learning to embrace it. This link is a 1966 recording of Shel Silverstein singing My Mind Keeps Movin’. You can’t tell me that’s not cool.



I love paper and I always have. There’s something beautifully multifaceted about paper. It has touch, smell, weight, shape, and color. The scrapbooking craze has put me right over the edge. If I were famous and could afford it, I would have a room, carefully categorized, just for paper. Knowing that I dabble in origami, there probably aren’t many readers who are very surprised by that factoid. I’m fairly certain the bearded gentleman is cringing right now. I doubt he thinks I need more paper. What I do with paper is pretty amazing but what other people do with paper absolutely astonishes me. I always want to touch these stunning masterpieces but don’t want my hands slapped either. Here is an amazing example and it’s all paper.



When I first saw this video, I was absolutely stunned. My second thought was, “Can I do this?”. Right now the reality is probably not. Give me a solid decade and then ask again. If my ADHD doesn’t have me off on some other wildly artistic venture, you might find me animating over life. As it is, I already animate over life in my head at any given time. At one time, I was a reporter in rural Vermont and had to sit through some painfully boring Selectman meetings. I’ll be slightly embarrassed if any of them every read this but I used to picture them as Muppets. Muppets with mustaches or beards or glasses, going over and over budgets, permits, and zoning variances. Gotta keep it amusing somehow when you live in the Northeast Kingdom. This is far more entertaining. And there are no Muppets.


Fitting Just Right

So, the rest of those were for you. This one is for me. I have a particular brand of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder that makes me crave organization. Oddly enough, it’s what made me an excellent student despite the ADHD. It’s also what makes me a great writer and designer. I see organization in paragraphs and shapes where it eludes others. The bearded gentleman showed this one to me on a day when I wasn’t in a particularly good mood. It brought me peace and happiness. So, even if you don’t fiercely crave orderliness, I hope it brings you joy.


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