Self-Care & TED

I feel like it’s been a really long week and I’ve got gum stuck to my shoe. It’s only Thursday. Yikes. One of the most important skills I’ve learned in my mental health journey is to take care of myself, especially when the going gets rough. So, today I’m taking a self-care break from work, including Arts&Rec. Instead of writing, I’ve been watching tv. We have an application on our television system that allows me to rifle through TED lectures. When I’m feeling a little rundown and uninspired, I watch a few lectures. The topics and presenters are so varied that I always find something interesting. Some of them just make my brain hurt. Here are a few of the lectures I indulged in this morning.


Tony Robbins: Why We Do What We Do

I love this one in part because Robbins swears and it never fails to amaze me how physically big he is. But, on top of just being amusing, what Robbins says really makes sense to me. He breaks down our basest motivations in a way that’s accessible.


Thomas Insel: Toward a New Understanding of Mental Illness

Insel takes an approach to mental illness (brain disorders) that I think is extremely important in breaking down stigma. Mental Illness, which he terms brain disorders,  are no different than illnesses we are familiar with like heart disease.


Yves Behar: Designing Objects that Tell Stories

Behar’s presenting skills are engaging and the examples of his work are fairly amazing. I only wish I lived in a place where I could get my hands on some of his brilliant designs.


Andrew Solomon: Love, No Matter What

I find Solomon’s telling of his life as a gay man to be both riveting and comedic. And it comes with a message, love is for everyone.


Rufus Guriscom & Alisa Volkman: Let’s Talk Parenting Taboos

It’s really true that there are some things you’re not supposed to say as a parent. As an outspoken individual, I’m very aware of many of the taboos.  According to this pair, some of the things I’ve been holding back actually harm expecting or new parents by perpetuating a culture of silence.


Elyn Saks: A Tale of Mental Illness — from the Inside

Elyn Saks is a brilliant author as well as Associate Dean and Orrin B. Evans Professor of Law, Psychology, and Psychiatry and the Behavioral Sciences at the University of Southern California Gould Law School. She has also taken a painful and long journey as a schizophrenic.


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